How To Make A Victoria Sponge

It’s very nearly that time of year for me where I get to go insane in the kitchen and do loads of baking and food crafts, fill the kitchen full of treats and lovely sweet smells… and then give it all away!

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I finish work for nearly two full weeks on Wednesday next week (the eve of Christmas eve) and I cannot wait to get creatin’.

I love to bake, and although I’m getting pretty good at it by now (I’ve been getting plenty of practice) sometimes even the most basic of things baffle me… I’m trying to find a way to make most of my recipes gluten free for Mr Vista but I need to perfect the simpler version first.

When I first started baking, I recall finding it difficult to find out how to do the most traditional and simple of recipes – like a Victoria Sponge – it’s as if the world just assumes me can all do it? And when you’re new to it all, sometimes it isn’t as simple as following a recipe.

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Anyway – I’ve perfected my Victoria Sponge and thought it would make a lovely addition to any baking repertoire… Especially for Christmas!

This is a lovely, tasty and inexpensive treat to make for or with your family for Christmas. I love to add Christmas spice to the sponge and fill with vanilla cream or butter-cream and apricot jam.


Anyway – here is my recipe and my method. And if you do like the video, then please give me the thumbs up and subscribe!

3oz Self Raising Flour
3oz Caster Sugar
3oz Butter
2 medium Eggs
Vanilla Essence (optional)

Thanks so much for looking at: How To Make A Victoria Sponge and I hope you found it helpful.

Happy baking!



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8 thoughts on “How To Make A Victoria Sponge

  1. I love this video. You look so glam in it. A brilliant recipe to share. And you are right it is assumed that these classic recipes are very easy to find and create. It took me ages to perfect brownies. These little cakes look yummy. I love the way you’ve served them in squares. And the idea of adding spices at Christmas is fabulous. Hugs Mrs H xxxx
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