Blogger Advent: Door #17

Welcome to day number 17 of blogger advent.


I promised to share with you some of my favourite reads each and every day of advent. Yesterday we met Heledd.

Today we are going to meet:

Frugal Queen

Frugal Queen was one of the first blogs that I read before blogging was even a twinkle in my own eye. I drew so much recipe inspiration from her blog when I had a year off work on maternity leave and was looking to cut my outgoings in half.

But more than anything, I love this blog because of the whole concept behind it. This amazing woman strives to be mortgage free within years… and what’s more… she’s actually doing it!

She also goes out of her way to teach the ‘un-cookables’ in her community their way around a kitchen. There should be more people like her…

Not only do I love to read Frugal Queen, I’ve found some of my favourite blogs to read there too… The Prudent Home-maker being one of them.

You can catch Frugal Queen on Twitter.

Thanks for dropping by to open: Blogger Advent: Door #17

Have a great day, Love


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