This Little Light Of Mine…

My religion and how I feel about God isn’t something I talk about openly often, or blog about… well, at all.

To me, my religious beliefs are as private as my sort code.

But this evening.

I witnessed a miracle.

The peace light that has travelled through day and night, over and under water and through vast amount of land… was a’flickering in our church.

This light from one light. This special light. This miracle.

And it got me thinking…

This little light of mine

A very wise blogger friend once told me that ‘blowing out somebody else’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter’.

So by the same token…

“Using our candle to light someone else’s won’t make our fire go out”.

Each of us has a light…

And this little light of mine? I like to think that it burns brightly, not because I think mine’s worth more than anyone else… but because I’m happy. And I believe in my light.

My light is strong and radiant and represents my year. It’s been a ‘tough as old boots’ kind of year in some ways… but I’ve come out of the other end strong, ready to help others relight their candle.

I am going to light shine as was intended and teach my daughter to do the same.

Every visit and comment you make makes my light a happier, dancier, prettier one.

I am thankful for my year. I am thankful for my light… My own individual light that makes me strong enough to lead my own way.

So standing there – looking at the flame that has travelled from Bethlehem – I felt so tiny and yet so powerful… I could feel my light!

May your day be merry and your light shine brightly.

Peace be with you.

Love at Christmas, in 2015 and always,


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2 thoughts on “This Little Light Of Mine…

  1. This is beautiful Katie, I used to love visiting church but when my brother served in Afghanistan I struggled with it and haven’t been back. Yet I still believe and have my own faith. This is all so true, I truly believe look after your own light and let other look after theirs. And their light is bright, well that is wonderful there is enough room for us all. Have a wonderful year Katy you are a beautiful person inside and out and I am glad to call you a friend x
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