What’s in the Degustabox August 2015

August was  a pretty crazy month on Vista Street. It seemed to swing by in a heartbeat and before we knew it… it’s September!

But the end of the month marks two prominent occasions.

  1. Pay day.
  2. Degustabox day!


So, armed with my trusty munchkin helper once more we unpacked our goodies… 

Lots and lots of goodies, and much like last month I was really interested in the syn content:

BeFunky Collage

Top leftDr Oetker Mug Cakes. I am so glad that someone took the initiative to put one of these in a packet *applauds Dr Oetker*.  As someone with a sweet tooth will know sometimes when you just *need* something, a mug cake can do the trick… if you have all of the ingredients in your kitchen on a wet and windy Sunday night.

At £1.37 each these lovelies come in three flavours – chocolate (15 syns), chocolate chip (14.5 syns) and lemon (13.5 syns). The only one I’m not too keen on is lemon, but haven’t tried them all.

I’m saving the Rich Chocolate for a rainy day.

Top right – A mass assortment of goodies. Degustabox! WHAT are you doing to me with all of these sweet treats?!

Pick Up – amazing! I had one of these every evening after dinner in the week that I had them. They are 7 syns each but are super chocolatey and really just all round tasty. Because these took away my sweet cravings I lost three pounds in that week! A worthy investment for £3 per pack and 7 syns per bar!

Choco Leibniz White. Chocolate biscuits smothered in white chocolate. They were ok but paled in comparison to the Pick Ups. 3.5 syns per biscuit and £3 per packet.

Walkers Shortbread. Oh. My. Word. These were so scrummy. Unfortunately I wish I’d looked up that they are 7 syns PER BISCUIT before I ate four… That is two days worth of syns in four biscuits for anyone counting. £2 per multi pack and worth it. I’ll be stocking up on these for Christmas.

Middle leftLife Tonics. Reviewed on my behalf by Mr Vista in Daladan Orange and Elderberry. He said it was a nice drink to take around the golf course with him and he thought it was pretty tasty. 4.5 syns per 100 ml bottle and costs just £1.40. A much cheaper and healthier alternative to the toxic looking green stuff he likes to buy!

Scheckters. I’m not a great lover of sports drinks and this was no exception. However, I got someone who likes sports drink to have a taste and he enjoyed it. It’s a bit different to others on the market, but tastes pretty good and is all natural. 7.5 syns for the full can and at £1.45 is cheaper than other drinks on the shelf.

Middle rightPrimal Pantry. I’ve got to say, we all thought these were pretty delicious. Mr Vista is gluten-free and was thrilled that he was allowed to eat something out of the box. They are sweet and filling and I was impressed with the size of the bar. Some snack bars can be so tiny. I’ve even got gluten-free friends at work on to these. Only 4.5 syns per bar and you can pick two up for £1.49 in Superdrug at the moment.

Bottom left – Ryvita. As a slimmer, Ryvita is a staple part of my diet. I can tell you without looking that most flavours (pictured are sesame and cracked black pepper) are either 3 syns or your daily HE B choice for the day – that is for three! Coupled with your HE A, you could eat almost an entire wheel of extra light laughing cow triangles with these without touching your syns! I thoght the sesame were particularly tasty. Most flavours cost between £2 -£3 in all supermarkets.

Bottom right Barilla Penne Rigate. A nice quality penne pasta. Won’t cost you anything in syns but will cost £1.50 at the shops. Worth it though as it’s a nice thick consistency and leftovers hold well for lunch the following day.

Barilla Arrabbiata Sauce – A thick and luxurious tomato sauce with a little bit of a kick. I made this into a really tasty soup with gluten-free Mr Vista in mind. See that recipe here. It’s 7.5 syns for the entire 400g jar, so just under 2 syns per serving. £2 per jar.

So there we have it – it’s well worth treating yourself and your family to a Degustabox if you’re on a weight loss plan!

We love the whole experience of Degustabox! If you want to find out more, you can check out their social media here: Facebook and Twitter.

Fancy giving the box a whirl this month? YES? Great – here’s a discount code to get a few quid off your first box: RK05L

Have you ever had a Degustabox? What did you love out of your box this month?

*This box was sent to use for the purpose of this review – all views are our own*

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