The Vanilla Essence Hack…

I love to bake! But because I bake so much vanilla sponge (om nom nom) I am always running out vanilla essence.


It seems to appear on my shopping list too often.


It’s a bit of a luxury item, and on those tight months I do have to go without.


*Big sad face*


Then I discovered a cost effective way to never run out of vanilla essence ever again….


*Even bigger happy face*


You will need:


A clean, dry, empty jar (air tight is preferable)

Caster sugar

A good quality vanilla pod

A sharp knife



[A word on sourcing the vanilla pods: You will want these vanilla pods to last some time. Go for quality over price. I was impressed with the standard of the vanilla pods from G Baldwins and Co at only £2.35 per 1g, their origin can be clearly traced and the quality is apparent in the aroma alone. Vanilla pods are available in supermarkets for as little as 85p – but the quality is usually poor and their origin and age are not always visible to the consumer.]
baking, food, vanilla, vanilla essence, cheap, make do, home made, make your own,

Slice the vanilla pod in half length ways to expose the seeds.


Using a knife, carefully scrape out all of the vanilla seeds.

baking, food, vanilla, vanilla essence, cheap, make do, home made, make your own,
Throw the whole lot (seeds and pod) into the jar.


baking, food, vanilla, vanilla essence, cheap, make do, home made, make your own,


Fill the jar to the half way point with caster sugar.

[This will work with ordinary sugar too, however as I use this for the purposes of baking I prefer to use caster sugar.]
Screw on the lid and give the whole lot a vigorous shake.
Add a little more sugar if you want the vanilla to go further. Shake again.
Leave the entire content in the jar with the lid on for a few days to infuse.
Et Voilà!!


baking, food, vanilla, vanilla essence, cheap, make do, home made, make your own,
Either leave the sugar in the jar or decant into a sugar bowl.
Remember just to add a few table spoons of this sugar to a cake mixture in place of some of the normal sugar to add the vanilla essence.
Use a small teaspoon in a coffee of hot chocolate to add a little extra pizazz.
To keep the jar full, just replace the vanilla infused sugar with more caster sugar. The aromas will attach to the new sugar within a few days.
Will you be trying this at home?


**Vanilla pods were supplied by G Baldwin and Co. Opinions are my own. **


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18 thoughts on “The Vanilla Essence Hack…

  1. Katie this is such a great tip, I will have to try this a Jack is always using Vanilla essence when he bakes, get through loads at school, I so miss baking, i am going to try to get back into it x

  2. Fabulous idea hun!! Never thought about this. I always cheat though, I never bake enough to run out really either – as in I normally just grab some thinking I've run out – when at the back of the cupboard is a smidge left. But super top tip! 🙂 xxx

  3. I love vanilla extract and brought loads back from America, it is so much cheaper there. However, I am finally coming to the end of my stash so will have to start buying it at UK prices again. Some people have to throw it out because it's gone past it's sell by date, I have never understood that ha! Great tip lovely x

  4. What a brilliant hack. I love using vanilla essence and go through bottles of the stuff. This is such a simple but genius idea. You are fab. Thanks for linking up with #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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