Weaning – The Textures Game

After spending time reading up on weaning babies and just generally making it up as I went along, it would appear that I have done a pretty good job.

I have a weaned baby!

Little Miss will give almost anything you put in front of her a go – regardless of the fact that she only has one tiny peggy tooth!

I first started to introduce textures when she was around six months old. This is when Little Miss could hold onto things for herself.

I started by letting her hold the item herself so that she could feel the weight and texture of it, and have a little nibble if she so wished.

This is what was suggested by the experts that opened the Weeny Weaning Restaurant for Ella’s Kitchen earlier in the year.

Vegetables tended to work better as they were not quite as messy and were easy to prepare.

If you want to try this with minimal effort, just grab a few extra carrots when you do your shopping.

A carrot can present a whole new world of textures.

Here is what we did and how we got on…

Using a carrot as a teether and having a really good chew!

Spoon feeding puréed carrot…
A bit of a messy business…
Especially after having a go at spoon feeding herself…
Spoon feeding mashed carrot…
…At six months it didn’t end as well as the purée…

Very, very messy!

But the little Miss enjoyed every second!

How did you start to introduce flavours to your little one? 

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4 thoughts on “Weaning – The Textures Game

  1. I'm so glad weaning is pretty much behind us now. I was lucky that the girls ate pretty much anything without too much fuss. Don't get me wrong they've had their moments. We introduce new flavours all the time, we just go for it. They love strong flavours like marmite and cheese too. They love fruit and veg and these days eat big breakfasts and lunches with snacking in between and a lighter dinners. It's non stop. But much easier as they feed themselves. Sounds like you are doing a sterling job there super mum! Xxx

    1. I have been blessed with a child that will eat anything… doesn't even have to be edible before she'll give it a go! Lol.
      Thanks so much once again for reading and commenting xx

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