Oatly – The Oat Drink Milk Alternative. Review.

There are few food allergies in our household (phew). However, we like to try different foods and drinks and have been known to buy a variety of ingredient free and world foods. We do occasionally buy dairy alternative milk if we fancy a change too…

This was mainly when I was pregnant due to gestational diabetes. I was trying to limit my sugar intake so because of this we tried soy (sweetened and un-sweetened) and almond milk. They have all the flavour but in some cases half of the lactose sugars.

Enter Oatly….

Oatly have been around for some time, but I didn’t know they even existed until their sassy re-brand!

I popped out to the supermarket with my vouchers in hand to get my sticky little mitts on some of their products to try. And now, they really do stand out on the shelf… I found all of the Oatly products in the store-cupboard aisle with the UHT milks, very easily.

So what is Oatly… 

And why do they do what they do…?
Where’s Oatly from anyway?
What else do Oatly do?
 I decided to go all out and get one of each of the products that my local supermarket stocked… simply because they just all looked so good… and I was super impressed that Oatly were the only milk alternative company to stock a cream alternative and I had to try it!

Old habits die hard, and when I arrived home, I put Little Miss in her walker, put the kettle on and started to put my shopping away. Only that day was different… I would be having Oatly Organic Milk Oat Drink in my tea.

 Believe it or not – this is the colour of my tea WITH the milk in…
I am all for strong tea – in fact, I like mine so strong that the spoon can stand up in it – but when using Oatly, your tea will be really, really strong. It takes twice the amount of Oatly (compared to normal milk) to get the desired colour… but it does change the taste somewhat…

Being honest… it made Yorkshire Gold tea bags taste like Tesco Value tea bags.

I decided that we would use both the regular and organic milk alternative. We couldn’t see or taste a difference between the two. This is neither a negative nor a positive, we just couldn’t see what the difference was.

Other than making a pretty terrible cuppa, Oatly wasn’t too bad on cereal and made excellent porridge. Even Little Miss didn’t notice a difference!

Cream Substitute
 It was agreed that when I was using this product, I wouldn’t tell hubbles that I had used it.

So I didn’t.

And he didn’t notice!

The cream alternative is a very, very good dairy free alternative. I am an avid user of Elmlea – both single and double – I use these mainly to cook, but have been known to whip them up to make some butterfly cakes.

Sadly… this was the only downside to the cream alternative. It is for spooning and stirring into savoury dishes for the main part. I did attempt to whip it up but it didn’t work and was inevitably a bit rubbish on scones.

However, the dishes that I did make successfully were:

Creamy Mushroom Pasta
Cheese Sauce (I know that adding cheese defeats the purpose, but we had cauliflower to use)

The only difference was that it didn’t look as creamy, but the taste was all there!
Chocolate Milk Oat Drink
 I have one word to describe this product…


I’m not a massive fan of milk shakes, but I am partial to the odd nesquik and do have a very sweet tooth. But the Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink was amazing.

Very smooth and sweet. It smells wonderful and it is because of this that it’s wateriness can be forgiven. The carton says it’s good for us too… WIN!

Our Verdict

As an occasional diary alternative drinker, I don’t think that I would buy the Oatly milk alternative. It just wasn’t ‘milky’ enough for what we like (I know this sounds very silly because it is made from oats, not milk… but we like what we like).

I found the flavour to be ok, but hubbles really disliked the taste of the oat drink and refused to drink it on it’s own like he usually does.

However, I would buy the cream and chocolate milk alternative again. They were petty competitive on price, and lower in fat than the original lactose versions!

Have you tried Oatly? What did you think?

**Oatly gave us some vouchers towards trying their products in exchange for an honest review**

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One thought on “Oatly – The Oat Drink Milk Alternative. Review.

  1. Just discovered Oatly Milk, and I am delighted as I have health problems and am looking for anything that will help, So farr this seems to be one answer.
    Thank you so much Sincerely Ann Garland.

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