We’ve been in Ella’s Kitchen again…

Mr Vista and I are very lucky to have been blessed with a little girl that has weaned wonderfully. We are yet to find anything that she flat out refuses to eat. 
In part, I think that this could be from all of the home cooking that I have given her from the word go. Feeding Little Miss what I thought was the best food available was my way of making up for the fact that we couldn’t traditionally breastfeed
There are few baby food brands that Little Miss’ Daddy and I trust. These days, there are just too many hidden (and not so hidden) additives such as sugars, salts and e numbers, even in packaged baby food presenting themselves as ‘organic’ and as having ‘no rubbish’ in them… I don’t feel it necessary to fill my daughters stomach with quinoa in every meal like one packaged food company insists. 
When we were in the process of weaning our Little Miss, we gave her lots of fresh foods for her first tastes. It was a little after this that we discovered that it was not so easy to go out and about whilst feeding a weaning baby. Unfortunately Little Miss didn’t take too kindly to mashed banana (the universal travelling weaning food) at the time, so we were struggling to mash fruits and veggies and keep them fresh whilst out and about. 
It added unnecessary stress to our lives over something that could be easily overcome. 
It was at this point that we decided that we should try some packaged products. We discovered Ella’s Kitchen. 
They are a packaged baby food company that I trust whole heartedly because they don’t add unnecessary ingredients to food. The company was created by a like-minded parent who wanted to give his children the best food start in life. 
Now that Little Miss is weaned and is heartily tucking into ‘stage threes’, I thought it was time to share the stage two products that both Little Miss and I loved. 
Went down very well indeed. I believe it was this that won Little Miss round on bananas.
Easy to make, easy to store and tastes great! Another plus point is that there is plenty of servings in the packet so would easily feed multiple weaning children for a few weeks.
The packaging also means that the porridge travels incredibly well, so would be ideal to take away on holiday.
I always taste everything before I feed it to my daughter, and I have to say that this Cheesy Pie is truly tasty. I wish it came in grown up portions! 
We always keep a pouch of this in the ’emergency lunch box’ in the changing bag, because if for any reason Little Miss is being fussy (and refuses to eat the beautiful mushroom pasta that mummy slaved over) we know that this is something that she is guaranteed to eat.

“Does exactly what it says on the tin. Slightly under seasoned Spag Bol – perfect for weaning a baby.” 

Lots of time and effort went into the development of these meals and it really does show in the textures and favours.

The packing also makes choosing meals for your baby so easy. Just take a look at the little icons at the bottom of the packets to see the ingredients. 
These meals are amazing for giving baby his or her first tastes of things you can’t really (well, you could but I wouldn’t like to…) given them a spoon full of. i.e… garlic, thyme, parsley, lemon grass…
This is again, another delightful meal that I would devour in no time if it arrived in front of me in an adult sized portion. However, the one and only thing that put me off feeding this particular flavour to Little Miss… 

Cheesy Pie.
Mmmmm garlic breath!…
Particularly unpleasant on those days of teething clinginess…

Another favourite…

I knew before Little Miss tasted this one that she would love it. Not only is rice pudding her go to treat, she adores mangos! 
Not as messy as it sounds, but a little thicker in texture than I envisioned. I found this to be a brilliant step up from the baby rice puddings with no texture at all. This got Little Miss ready for ‘real’ home cooked rice pudding in all it’s lumpy glory. 
If we are going out, I buy this as desert as it is a lower sugar alternative to ice cream and just as tasty. 

Vroom vroom indeed…

We are not a veggie family. We have nothing against veggie or meat dishes, but in my opinion it was the veggie options from Ella’s Kitchen stage two pouches that were tastiest. 
Although Little Miss clearly favours Cheesy Pie above all other packed options, I thought that this one just pipped it to the post. 
I thought that the Lasagne was really, truly tasty and had a lovely texture to it. This was excellent when getting Little Miss ready to start using pasta as a finger food because the textures were all there. 
The only negative thing that I have to say about the Vroom Vroom Veggie Lasagne, is that it stains like nobody’s business. Perhaps reserve it for a day when neither of your is wearing white? 


This chicken casserole is honestly the only pouch from the Ella’s Kitchen range that I thought was honestly unpleasant. After heating this and tasting it for myself, it sadly went in the bin. 
The colour was very unappetising, it was of a very grainy texture and really wasn’t very tasty at all. If I would have given it to Little Miss, chances are that she would have loved it and gobbled the lot but the only guide that I (and all parents) have in our weaning journey is my own instinct and taste buds. 
We have been known to still purchase the stage one fruit pouches from Ella’s Kitchen. They come in handy for squishing into porridge and yoghurt. Little Miss has also been know to just eat the fruit purée right from the pouch (under the watchful of eye mummy and daddy of course).
We still find the puréed prunes particularly helpful on ‘slow’ days. And at around 79 p per pouch they are much more gentle than a laxative.
What were your little ones favourite flavours whilst weaning? 

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