Well done my clever Little Miss

We are so pleased to say that our little girl is happily weaning.

She’s more than happy to eat food from the spoon (especially if she is giving it a go), but is even happier to pick food up and eat it by herself.

Baby led weaning isn’t something that I thought I would consider a few months ago when we started the weaning process. It’s not that I didn’t agree with the principles, but I was concerned that baby would be hungry and I wouldn’t be able to tell how much she had eaten. But after reading up on it a little more and after chatting to some of the lovely mummies on twitter, daddy and I decided to give it a whirl.

I will consider myself proven wrong.

There is nothing that my daughter will NOT have a bash at eating (even with no teeth), and she is enjoying herself so much… and I am keeping 1001 carpet cleaner in business. Win, win!

For anyone that is thinking of weaning their little one or just looking for finger food ideas, here is a list of the things that little miss loves to munch on:

Chopped banana
Sticks of cheddar cheese
Part boiled carrots and broccoli
Peeled, chopped (even grated) apple
Tinned pears
Organix snacks for babies – especially in carrot flavour
Laughing cow cheese triangles
Philadelphia Sandwiches (cut into small pieces with the crusts cut off – I use a small scone cutter)
Fruit loaf
Sweet potato wedges
Cucumber (with the skins removed)
Rice cakes
Toast – white or brown

I will continue to feed little miss with a mixture of spoon and baby led weaning because that is what works for us best.

I am so proud of my daughter for going from milk to solid food in just three months. I’m so proud of her for giving absolutely everything we put in front of her a go. But most of all, I am so proud of the fact that she drinks all of her water up like there is no tomorrow, especially in this hot weather (strange thing to be proud of, I know).

This week, we have also mastered:

Clap hands
CRAWLING – backwards!

Well done little miss!

How do you feed your baby? What is your little one learning to do this week?

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