The time I wrote something that wasn’t a blog post…

One day (and by day I mean the middle of night whilst getting back into bed from doing a night feed), whilst surfing my twitter news-feed (and by surfing my news-feed I mean chatting with all the other sleep deprived mums online at 3:30am) I found a link asking for budding writers to submit an article to be published on a new online magazine.

Imagine my surprise when the first article that I submitted wasn’t refused and was actually published

You can read the article that I wrote about ‘Why I Love the Theatre’ here.

Then… imagine my utter shock when a second article that I wrote, and submitted, wasn’t refused!

You can read my ‘Top 5 BBQ Recipes’ here.

There are certainly some interesting reads on various subjects to be found on Eat More Cake. From ‘How to stay healthy on a busy schedule‘ to ‘How to talk to your doctor if you think you have a mental health problem’, all written by different kinds of writers from varied backgrounds.

Why not give it a read?

I plan to write more articles for Eat More Cake. Fancy branching out and writing about something different than your blog genre? Give the creator a tweet!

Do you write anything other than a blog? Why not comment and share your writing?!



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