Ella’s Kitchen: A Weeny Weaning Restaurant

All mums feed their babies differently from as early on as pregnancy.

Some pregnant ladies stuff their faces with anything they can get their hands on, others choose to eat very cleanly.

 Many new mums choose to breastfeed exclusively, others bottle feed exclusively.

Some mum’s of older babies choose only organic produce for their babies when they are weaning and some take advantage of the convenience food produced for babies.

None of the above choices are the right or wrong ones, only whichever is the right one for you.

I am, and always have been a middle of the road kind of mum in all three categories.

When I was pregnant, morning sickness and gestational diabetes dictated to me that I had to eat very healthily. However, I did fall off the wagon every Friday night with the support of my husband, because everyone is entitled to a break within reason.

When my daughter was born, I desperately wanted to exclusively breastfeed but alas it was not meant to be. She latched on perfectly but that was it, once latched she didn’t take any milk from me. Because I’d had gestation diabetes they watched baby’s blood sugar like a hawk to make sure her bloods didn’t plummet between the time she was born and when she could regulate her own blood sugars at a few days old.

Her bloods weren’t improving so her daddy and I made the decision to give her formula to ensure that she didn’t need a trip to the special care baby unit. Once we were home, I used a breast pump to feed her both formula and ‘mummy milk’

Now that our little baby is growing into a big baby and weaning very happily, I find myself in the middle of the road once more. I do love to make baby my own creations of baby food, mainly because I know what is going into it but I am not adverse to using pre-packed baby food either. This is provided I am happy with the research that I have done on the food company and ingredients beforehand.

My local health visitor ran a ‘weaning party’ just before we started to wean our wee one. It gave me some invaluable advice about what to look for in ingredients lists before you consider giving your baby food out of the packet. (If your health visitor runs one of these, I highly recommend that you go – especially if you are a first time mum).

After standing in the supermarket like a lunatic reading the backs of all of the packets, jars and tins I can surmise that it appears the pouches of food with less / no rubbish in are Ella’s Kitchen, HiPP and Organix. No colours or preservatives and if they are sweetened, either lemon or grape juice are used. Of these, our wee Princess seems to favour the Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They are one the few pre-packed products that she will eat (I have spoiled her with too much home cooking and now she refused to eat jarred or tinned food).

With this in mind, imagine how thrilled I was to read that Ella’s Kitchen would be opening their very own Weeny Weaning Kitchen!

… and imagine how disappointed I was to discover that it was in London… and it had closed already…


But wait! There was an alternative…

The clever big people over at Ella’s Kitchen have made a Weeny Weaning Restaurant interactive kit to use at home!

It tells you everything you need to know about how to do everything that they do at home.

I am seriously impressed with the amount of imagination that has gone into the whole thing and think that it is a fantastic idea to familiarise baby with food.Baby and I have already tried a few of the activities suggested.
You can find everything you need to know here.

She loves snappy carrot sticks. I part-boiled some of the carrot sticks to give them a different texture too and she so enjoyed munching on them and thought she was ever so clever.Little miss also really likes melon of all varieties. It’s good fun for her if I cut up all different kinds of melon for her to play with eat as some she can bite right into and others she just gives a nasty suck! The fun part is they they are all similar colours so she doesn’t know which one she is going to grab next.

A lot of the ideas given by Ella’s Kitchen give you the opportunity to introduce baby to ‘messy play’ with their food. This is where baby can really get their hands into the all of the ingredients… there is a reason why it is called messy play. Cooked spaghetti, cooked rice and flour are great ingredients to start with (and they are all so cheap too)… maybe best to put a plastic mat down and strip baby to their nappy… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The whole aim of the games and the menus suggested within the Weeny Weaning Restaurant at home is to make meal times fun and to get baby to relax when discovering new food. If you are confident then baby will be.

I recommend getting yourself a cuppa at baby’s nap time and planning a few afternoons of fun. Why not get some of baby’s friends involved?

Have you tried any of these games with your little one? What did they think?

How do you feed your little one and what foods do they enjoy?


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10 thoughts on “Ella’s Kitchen: A Weeny Weaning Restaurant

  1. We like ellas kitchen too, though for some reason monkey never liked any of their pouches (boo) but now he's older he loves some of their healthier snacks, which I love as I know he is eating healthy foods. We have done lots of messy play with food and with Monkey being such a fussy eater I think it has contributed to his improved relationship with food, along with lots of other things we have done! Xx #mummymonday

    1. I taste everything before I let little miss it, and some of the pouches (in general) have a strange texture. Our little miss always refuses Plum pouches – couldn't tell you why!
      Messy play is such a brilliant concept – in fact it's on the cards for today in the garden whist we have sunshine!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. We loved ellas kitchen when our little guy was a baby and we where traveling and we just couldn't take fresh food with us, or they are great when we are planning a long day trip away.

  3. Great post. What a great idea too having the weaning party. I've not seen a HV since the twins were 7 months old. We LOVE Ella's and HiPP. Love the carrot stick idea, going to try that tomorrow. Ooh and yes I was disappointed about the restaurant but will take a look at the interactive kit 🙂 good work lovely xx

    1. Thanks hun! Have the girls tried watermelon yet? So messy but my little miss adores it! I mixed with a few strawbs too for a squishy surprise 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

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