Cheese In Your Hair…

Today has been one of those days.

A ‘Cheese in your hair…’ kind of day.

Yes. My little monkey Princess has been learning how to touch boundaries and pressing to see how far into each boundary she can run.

I am a fairly inpatient person, but with my daughter (and the elderly????) I have reams of the stuff.

Just recently Little Miss Vista has picked up a small vocabulary. She now not only coos, but babbles to the tunes of ‘baba,’ ‘dada’, ‘haha’ and ‘uuuuh ooooh’. She has now also perfected the raspberry!

Our house is a very chatty house. We are always talking, to each other, the cat, the plants… but we spend a lot of time talking to the baby. We use short simple everyday words – very pronounced and slowly – so that she can study how our face works when we say things.

This has so far worked… ish… well as much as it can work with a seven month old!


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Both of us usually wear more than is in her stomach.

Little Miss Vista’s new bad habit doesn’t seem to have a pattern. She does it when she is spoon fed, feeding herself, warm food, cold food, sweet or savoury… Maybe she just thinks it’s funny?

Maybe she’s hinting that I need highlights?

It is this that leads me onto my question: at what point, if at all, do you start to introduce the word ‘naughty’ to a child’s vocabulary? At seven months old she couldn’t understand the concept of the word already… could she?

Little Miss is always well praised for good behaviour and seems to enjoy it (or at least that’s what we think the smiles mean) so with this in mind do we simply ignore the bad behaviour in the hope that it will go away?

In fact, do we use this word at all?

As a child when I misbehaved I was threatened with being dropped off at the naughty girls school in the next town. Once, I even packed my bags!

This in mind, I consider myself a (mostly) well rounded and successful adult. However on reading up on the subject it became clear that lots of parents and institutions do not use ‘that word’ because it is deemed as labelling the child, not the behaviour.

Is this political correctness gone mad? I can’t help but feel by not telling our children when they are ‘naughty’, that when it comes to right or wrong they won’t understand the difference.

How do you handle your child’s behaviour when they spit cheese sauce into your hair are misbehaving?

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2 thoughts on “Cheese In Your Hair…

  1. Haha my little one spent a week perfecting the raspberry and now she can do it she doesn’t do it as much. She does start doing it once she has had enough food though which can get messy. I’ve started saying no when she does things like grab your hair and as she has started to move when she gets things that I don’t want her to try and eat. Thanks so much for linking up to #weaningwednesdays and I hope to see you again this week x
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