The Budget Baptism #1 – The Baby Boom

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Our daughter was born at the end of 2013 and it seems that she was born in a baby boom… or at least I think that she was.

Mr Vista disagrees so maybe I have imagined it? However, in my defence, there seem to have been a lot of babies born to people that we know in 2013 and early 2014 (I’m pretty sure our gift buying stopped Mothercare from going under!).

Lots of you will know, that my daughter and I don’t go to a huge amount of mum and baby or play groups... so it can’t be that? There are definitely more prams on the Streets of Vista than usual. Maybe it is just because I am off work and most of the other people that are off work are pushing prams too? No shortage of babies to form our next generation anyway.

One thing that comes hand in hand with babies and small children is their Christening or Naming Day Party, and our daughter was no different. She was baptised in a simple ceremony when she was just shy of three months old. The ceremony was followed by an intimate tea party in the church parish centre. Mr Vista and I loved every second and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

We didn’t have her christened in a church that would ensure her entry into the school, we had her baptised into the church that we attend and that her daddy has been attending all of his life.

One day she could attend this school, however it isn’t likely due to there being other schools that are just as good closer to home. Plus, when the time comes, I think it is whichever school you get a good vibe from when you go for a nosey look around.

Back to that baby boom… My husband and I seem to have been to more christenings in the past twelve months than we have ever been to before. I’m pretty sure that this is true and I don’t just notice more because we have a baby now.

And in honesty, some of them…

well, a few of them…

they were just…

OK. No sugar coating. I’ve been to smaller weddings!

We all love our children and we all want to show the world how proud they make us. That’s our god given right. But do we really need to spend so much money on a christening?

The next Christening is always bigger than the last Naming Ceremony. DJ’s, discos, magicians, sushi…! They were amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all… but I couldn’t see past the pound signs!

We spent just over £100 in entirety on Little Miss Vista’s Christening. It took lots of hard work and imagination, but we did it! And to be honest, £100 was a stretch. Since my wages being reduced to maternity pay we just don’t have money to throw around.

Our little girls big day was just as meaningful as some of the bigger big days we have been to! And over the next week or so, I’d like to show you how to save your pennies, mend and make do and still throw the Christening of your dreams.

I’ll be sharing some of the décor, baking, crafts and more importantly, the money saving ideas that we used to pull our daughters special day together.

What sort of Christening or Naming day did you have for your little one? Did you have to work to a budget?

Thanks so much for reading: The Budget Baptism #1 – The Baby Boom


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