Ella’s Kitchen Stage One Pouches. A review and tiny tastebuds test.

I love getting mail (bills not included). One thing I love more than mail is a parcel! A few weeks ago, the wee Princess and I received a luuuuurvly parcel through the post from Ella’s Kitchen.

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Ooooooh colours!

It contained one of each flavour of their First Tastes range (4-6 months). The pouches were amazingly bright and appealing, but the box was EVEN BETTER!!!

It was purple! And could also double as a boat…

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Zoooooooooooom – speed boat!

Over the past few weeks, we have been weaning aforementioned small child. So far we have discovered that she has her mothers ‘machine’ gene, and thanks to Ella’s Kitchen sending us these pouches, we have discovered that so far, she likes everything!

I of course, taste everything, before I give it to my daughter to eat. I have tasted some jarred baby food… and it inspired me to make my own! Ella’s Kitchen pouches were different. They are actually fresh! And tasty! Something that I could envision myself squeezing over a meringue and summer fruits salad. It also helps that they travel really well!

Apples are now one of our ‘go to’ fruits. Sweet and tasty.
Needs a bit of a shake before using but is otherwise scrummy!

This pouch of bananas taught us something. Before this pouch, the wee Princess had always refused bananas. I had put it down to its strong smell and taste. HOWEVER, it would appear that it is the texture! The banana we gave to her in the earlier weaning stages were mashed (with and without avocado). The puréed banana was gone in ten seconds flat with said princess banging the high-chair tray for ‘more mummy, mooooorrreeee’.

By far one of the favourites!

The mangoes went down really well! And not just in our house it seems. I went to Asda, Tesco and at least three Boots stores to track some more down. I came home with one pouch! Again, Little Miss Vista will eat the puréed mango from the pouch, but refused mummy’s mashed mangoes with lemon juice. The only negative about this, and it isn’t Ella’s Kitchen’s fault, its mangoes fault! It STAINS like billyo!

I found the pouches of vegetables, especially carrots, to be so versatile. We could use these for babies lunch when we were on the go, or we could supplement other meals with it once Little Miss Vista had had her first tastes. When you only have one frozen cube of cauliflower cheese left? Mix it with some carrots!…

… Or parsnips!
Fruity, sweet but not sickly and a lovely consistency.

The prunes taste a lot more appealing than they sound. They were a sweet treat at snack time, or perfect for adding to muesli or porridge!

We had found that Little Miss liked sweet potatoes before giving her the pouch version, but she wasn’t wild about it. After her having scoffing down the entire pouch in one sitting, we discovered that for her optimal enjoyment we needed to add water to sweet potato. Silly us!

Little Miss Vista wasn’t overly keen on the pears on their own, however, she was very happy to eat them mixed with something else. Please don’t think I’m a nutter… but mix them with broccoli. It’s so scrummy and thins down the texture of the broccoli helping to get Little Miss ready for stage two of weaning.
Out of all of the pouches, there is one clear favourite with my daughter…
And the winner is…
Strangely, Prunes!
And to be fair to her, it is really, really tasty. We found it also helped with a little of the constipation that she had been experiencing since weaning. An all round thumbs up from mum and baby!
baby, baby food, baby girl, blw, ellas kitchen, feeding, fruit, home cooking, jars, lifestyle, mummy blogger, mums cooking, pouches, puree, stage one, very, weaning,
Give it to me nowwwwwwwww!

One of my favourite things about Ella’s kitchen, its that it ‘does what it says on the tin’. If the pouch says ‘apples, apples, apples’ then all that is in the pouch is… you get my drift. In fact, I only came across two extra ingredients … Lemon juice and good ol’ fashioned water! That’s it. Just a dash. Pure, simple and natural!

I know that some mums aren’t fussed about giving their babies food out of packets, and I will admit, at one point I was one of those mums. Then I started to cook for Little Miss. I discovered just how much she eats! I discovered just how much ‘gooey’ food I would need to cook, and blitz, and freeze in ice cube trays to be able to have her meals on the table at the same time as ours so that we could eat together as a family. In honesty, after Little Miss is in bed and I have fed my husband and the cat, have cleaned up and managed to maintain my own personal hygiene, I would rather not stand and cook another meal every night.

In my opinion these pouches from Ella’s Kitchen are a perfect addition to a healthy diet for a baby and healthy stress levels for mum. They travel brilliantly, and don’t need to be refrigerated until the seal is broken. Once the seal is broken they can be kept in the fridge for two days. This is very handy once your baby is at the point of snack time and puddings.

Pouches in general are excellent. You don’t suffer what I refer to as ‘double dip’. You can feed baby from the pouch without worrying that it’ll need to be thrown away and whatever is left will be wasted. Double dip away! And above all, from just 79 pence per pouch the ingredients are literally fresh fruit and vegetables. No messing, no crap, just something tasty to feed your baby with in a jiffy!

I will not be hesitating in buying the stage two products for Little Miss to try. A mixture of packaged baby food and home made has, so far, not done her any harm. She is weaning happily and six weeks in loves her puréed mango and prunes with her weetabix.

What is your favourite Ella’s Kitchen pouch to give to your baby?

**This selection of Ella’s Kitchen Stage One pouches were sent to Little Miss and I in exchange for an honest review**

Thanks so much for reading: Ella’s Kitchen Stage One Pouches. A review and tiny tastebuds test.



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