A Fresh Food Start – My kitchen and I are waiting for pay day

It’s the run up to pay day.

Not that my pay days are that exciting any more due to my being on SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), but none the less, having a little money beats being on the bones of your arse bottom.

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Until Friday, we have absolutely nothing to spare for extras, so will have to make do with what we have left from my last Aldi budget shop… and it is likely to get interesting!

The current contents of my kitchen:

Sugar Snap Peas
Slightly out of date Mozzarella cheese
Beetroot – vacuum packed
Sweet bite peppers
A small, solitary, slightly scabby red onion
Enough milk for brews and breakfast until Wednesday if we are lucky
Back up UHT skimmed milk – SCORE!
1 block of baking butter
Chestnut mushrooms

Hot cross buns left over from Easter (can I get an aaaaaaaaaaaaamen??)
Minced beef
1/2 bag of prawns
2 Basa fish pieces
Diced chicken
A very small beef brisket
Beef skirt
A handful of chips
Several hundred ice cubes of mushy food in an array of colours (several hundred may be exaggerating)

Store Cupboard
15 Eggs
1/2 a loaf of wholemeal bread
Rice Cakes
White rice
Red lentils
Risotto rice
Porridge oats
Flour (self raising, plane and strong white)
Coffee (thank Christ!)
Tea bags
Cous cous
Egg noodles
Schwartz paella flavour shot
1/2 pack of whole wheat spaghetti
Dried peas
Brown sauce (Aldi’s own – got to admit, I’m not keen)
Home made plum chutney
The usual dry store goodies to add flavour… salt, pepper, oxo cubes, dried ginger etc.

Tomato soup
Mackerel in tomato sauce
Corned beef (‘orrible stuff)
Evaporated milk
Condensed milk
2 Coconut milk
Pink Salmon
Chopped mushrooms

Biscuit drawer
Cling film
Tinned foil
Sandwich bags

Wine Cupboard Babies Cupboard

2 tins of SMA gold
3 rusks
1 packet of organic biscotti
1/2 packet of apple flavoured mini rice cakes
A few jars of orange gloop that I would sooner not feed to the cat, let alone my child!

There are a few obvious things that I can make into a passable meal, but I am really going to have to sit down and think about this weeks meal plan!

The wee one can eat anything mashed to within an inch of its life, so she can eat some of what we are having in addition to her ‘Here’s one mummy made earlier’ foods in the freezer.

I wonder, could over boiled asparagus pass as finger food?

Luckily for me I have inherited my Mums habit of buying tinned things every time I go shopping. Other than tinned tomatoes, we very rarely use these items but they have pulled us out of the abyss of vegless dinners a few times these past few weeks.

What’s worrying, is that I have now had six months off work… that’s only three more months of SMP, then… nothing… I’m hoping that by doing my meal plan this week I will be able to develop an eye for making something out of nothing and we will be laughing… ish.

I am hoping to be able to share a few of my concoctions with you this week!
Any inspiration?

Thanks so much for reading: A Fresh Food Start – My kitchen and I are waiting for pay day



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