Slimming World Fathers Day Feast for Less Than Forty Quid

I like cooking and these days I would much rather entertain than go out for a meal, for a few reasons:

1. It’s cheaper
2. You can take as long as you like to eat
3. You can add and remove as much fat as you like
4. Home cooked food is less likely to make my gallstones angry

This evening I have my Dad, both of my brothers, Mr Vista, Little Miss Vista and myself to cook for. We’ve all got big appetites and we’re all looking after ourselves at the moment in anticipation of my brother’s wedding in October.

The spec is this- Low Fat and Tasty.

About ten weeks ago, my Dad started to come to my Slimming World class with me. He’s flying and the excess weight is just dropping off him. And because of this he has completely changed the way he eats. I know that a take a away is now a no-no and a meal out could end up being a disaster… so what food has he missed?

I know he loves and misses his junk food – as do I – so I’ve decided to cook a mini medley of junk food fake aways.

Pinterest has really been my friend on this one…

What’s on the Menu?

What are the syn values (for none Slimming Worlder’s that’s the calorie content) and  how much does it cost?

Big Mac in a Bowl

I’ve told you all about this before – today I promise to take some snaps as I cook and post the recipes!

I will need:

250g 5% Beef Mince – FREE
One onion – FREE
Cheese slices – Healthy Extra A
Iceberg lettuce – FREE
Gherkins – FREE
Thousand Island Dressing – 2 syns per level tablespoon
Garlic salt – FREE
Pepper – FREE

KFC Chicken Strips and Pieces 

I’ve never tried this before and I’m unsure how it will go down gluten free – but I’ll have a bash!

I will need:

6 Chicken Drummers and 6 Chicken Breasts with all skin removed – FREE
1  Tub Chicken Bovril Paste – FREE
1  Egg – FREE
1  Clove of Garlic crushed – FREE
2  Teaspoons of Ground Black Pepper – FREE
2  Teaspoons of Mixed Spice – FREE
1  Teaspoon of mild chilli powder – FREE
4  Slices brown bread – Healthy Extra B
2  Teaspoons mixed herbs – FREE

Hoisin Duck

I haven’t been able to source the rice pancakes (and I don’t fancy the egg based alternative!) I like to eat this with so I am serving this with iceberg lettuce leaves as a free and speedy wrap substitute.

I will need:

Low-calorie cooking spray – FREE
Salt and freshly ground black pepper – FREE
4 duck breast fillets all skin removed – FREE
1 cucumber – FREE
1 leek – FREE
Juice of 1 orange – 2 syn (remember when remove the fibre from fruit it becomes synned)
50ml vegetable stock – FREE
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 tbsp finely grated fresh root ginger – FREE
1 tbsp cider vinegar – FREE
5 tbsp dark soy sauce – FREE
½ tsp Chinese five-spice powder – FREE
1 level tbsp sweet chilli sauce – FREE
½ tsp dried red chilli flakes – FREE
2 tbsp tomato purée – FREE
1 iceberg lettuce – FREE

The Sides

Home made sweet potato fries, roasted tomatoes and red peppers, garlic bread and maybe spring rolls.

I will need:

1 bag of sweet potatoes
6 tomatoes
1 red pepper
Garlic fry light
Hovis Good Inside Sandwich Thins, Wholemeal
Lasagna sheets – maybe
Left over veg – maybe

The Desert 

My Dad and my husband have one thing in common… they’re suckers for jelly. Slimming world Jelly is very low syn value. So I plan to make jelly and fruit with a yogurt topping.

I will need:

Sugar free jelly crystals – 1.5 syns for the whole packet
Fruit – FREE
Fat Free yogurt – FREE

This should feed all six (well, five and a half as little miss won’t eat a full portion) of us without a problem.

So, how much will all of this cost me? Click the link below to see my online shopping receipt. 

mySupermarket – Compare & Save 30% on your groceries



Feeding six people: mains, sides and desert for less than 40 quid with loads of left overs and a cupboard full of left over ingredients for another day? Happy days… Maybe I’ll make double jelly?

As usual, I did my shop with My Supermarket (not sponsored, just a handy hint as I save hundreds of pound per year doing this) and my shop was cheapest in Asda. By splitting my shop between Asda and Aldi, I could have saved a further £3.61. None of my items were eligible for cash back on my Shopitiz or Checkout Smart apps.

Recipes and foodie pics to follow tomorrow. Thanks for reading:  Slimming World Fathers Day Feast for Less Than Forty Quid

What is on the menu in your house today?

Happy Father’s Day

Love and very busy kitchens,



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