The One Without A Photo…

Just shy of a month ago we moved house.

We moved from an old, mid terraced house that we had made into a comfortable home into a brand new house, with crisp white (none textured) walls, even floors and stacks of possibility.

Exciting stuff!

My blog’s name originally derived from our previous address. I’m not *quite* silly enough to publish my actual address for the whole world to see: but I have always liked the word Vista… A long and pleasing view. Read more

How To Find Dory…


Seeing as how both Mr Vista and I are Disney nuts, we’re a little late to the Finding Dory party…

Hank with %27Happy%27 Dory and Coffee Pot (5x8) - United Kingdom How To Find Dory... life on vista street

Finding Nemo is one of Little Miss’s all time favourite movies. And although we have been toying with the idea of taking Little Miss to the cinema since Finding Dory premiered we haven’t quite made it. Read more

10 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Southport Flower Show


It’s been a week and a half since we moved into our new home and with all of the sunshine we have been treated with recently we are using our new garden (we had a little yard before) like another room of our house.

10 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Southport Flower Show written by katie haydock for life on vista street

I’ve always wanted to try to live semi-sustainably and now that I have land I have already been planning ahead. I have all of my ideas so now I just need to see if they were feasible and how much they are going to set me back. Read more

Mama Do The SLUMP…

2012 - Pre Baby and mainaining my size and toning up with regular exercise... my eating habits were still horrendous though...

This song is making me smile this week…

This isn’t the first weight loss related blog post I’ve written… I’ll bet it won’t be the last either. But with everything that has been going on just recently I’m finding it SO hard to keep going on my weight loss journey. As I write, the Cadbury brownie bites that I buy to factor into my syns are calling me from the fridge and I am willing myself to ignore them.

*whisper* Kaaaattttiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee

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My Captured Moment: My Happy Place


I always thought that people who went on holiday whilst off work sick were swinging the lead. But now that I have actually been off sick (I went back to work on Friday) I can see why it is a good thing and why anyone that is able should do it.

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