My Ordinary Captured Moment: Heart Shaped


Heart Shaped

Because, my love, sometimes it isn’t about
How fast or tall
How long
How loud or sweet the shout

Happy moments can too be made of bare faces
Kinky hair
Crooked biscuits
And no spare spaces

A messy draining board, as full as my heart
A crooked photo
Just ordinary us
Faced with life without you? I’m not sure where I’d start

My Ordinary Captured Moment written by Katie Haydock for Life on Vista Street

Words, when stringed together don’t always make sense. But when I look at this photo that my husband took ofย me and our daughter when we were just having an ordinary afternoon of baking (or ‘making’ as she calls it) the words above make perfect sense. We didn’t know the button was being pressed or that the moment was being captured.

We were being us. As we are. Happy and together.

As a guilt ridden working mum, I spend way too much money compensating for the time I missed with magazines and babychinos.

I need to remember that it doesn’t cost anything for me to show my Little Miss how much love I have for her in my heart. A few handfuls of flour and teaching her how to cut shapes out of simple dough is all it took. We kept cutting and cutting until the table was full of biscuits ready to be baked.

“Are they cooked now Mama?”

She doesn’t care that I have a bare face. I don’t care that everything she says is at ten decibels. It isn’t until it is time to go back to work that I realise how much I appreciate these ordinary moments. How much I appreciate the miracle that is my child, and how much I appreciate the man behind the camera capturing the moment.

Inspiration drawn from this blog post from the Ordinary Lovely.



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Overnight Oats – Slimming World Friendly Recipes


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Another busy month, coupled with working away from home and copious amounts of snot (mainly from me and the small person) do not a clear mind make.

Truth be told – my weight loss has plateaued a little and after having three really spot on weeks and only losing a measly half a pound… yes, I know I said that every loss is great but COME ON… I’ve lost heart a little.

I’ve been reaching for all the the wrong foods and when I go back to class a week on Monday I know I will have done masses of damage. It happens to the best of us. The right thing to do is to get back on track immediately to protect your weight loss.

No dwelling, no guilt… Especially not for over a week. Oops…

One thing I find helps with this is a little secret weapon called Overnight Oats. A lady at work introduced the recipe to me before I’d even gone to my first Slimming World meeting. We tried it as a family and it became a fond work day breakfast favourite. Some jumbo oats, fresh fruit and fat free yogurt of any variety and you have got yourself an easy, tasty breakfast or snack that can be made WELL in advance. Overnight oats keep for 24 hours and are TASTY.

But don’t be fooled – your overnight oats needn’t be ‘over night’ all the time. They can be ready in as little as a few hours.

Overnight Oats - Slimming World Friendly Recipes written by katie haydock for life on vista street blog

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Exciting stuff!

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